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Orange County’s Premier Television & Film Acting School
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Our students are prepared to become working professional actors through instruction from working professional actors. 

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Leading the future of film and television with integrity.

At Orange County Acting Academy, we believe that solid skills and the desire to maintain integrity are the powerhouse needed to shape the future of the entertainment industry. Our aim is to cultivate well-rounded artists who not only possess exceptional acting skills but also embody a profound sense of integrity that they carry with them into every aspect of their lives.

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Orange County Acting Academy (OCAA) was born out of Kelly’s inspiration in 2022. Her frequent trips to LA for auditions, bookings, and coaching for her son Asher highlighted the need for high-quality, TV and film-specific coaching in Orange County. Recognizing the challenges faced by busy families unable to commute to LA weekly for necessary classes, Kelly aimed to create a space where aspiring actors could thrive. OCAA, with its focus on growth, learning, creativity, and a sense of belonging, stands out as a professional yet welcoming environment.


Kelly’s empathetic nature, integrity, and organizational expertise contribute to OCAA’s unique atmosphere. Each student is valued, which is evident from the personal attention Kelly provides. OCAA sets itself apart by addressing the needs of its families in a way that is unmatched elsewhere.


Ever the introvert, when she is not working, you will find Kelly reading non-fiction, taking long walks while listening to podcasts about neuroscience, cooking (but not baking), kickboxing, traveling, and enthusiastically cheering Asher on at swim meets.


Kelly strongly supports the Oxford comma and correctly pronouncing the word “often.”

Ron, with over two decades of experience in entertainment, travel, and nonprofit industries, supports OCAA with unwavering optimism. His faith in OCAA’s mission is the driving force behind the family business.  Ron loves traveling, hiking, cruises, off-roading in the Jeep, and hanging out with his family. He has strong opinions on where to find the best Mexican food.

Asher is the reason OCAA exists. He booked his first job at 11-months and by age 4 he had recurring roles on 3 TV shows, several co-star roles, a ton of commercials, and his SAG card. He still loves acting and enjoys being 3% owner of the family business. Asher is a competitive swimmer, a Cub Scout, and the Vice President of his school’s student council. In his free time, Asher likes to eat sushi, play chess, ride his dirt bike, and more than anything, drive his parents crazy by obsessing over anything electronic, especially video games.

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OCAA is the top Actor’s Studio of Orange County.
Orange County Acting Academy: Where creativity thrives, and dreams become reality. Join us today!


Curtis Andersen

Known For:
Sabrina the Teenage Witch

7th Heaven


Cynthia Hamidi

Known For:

Voice of Dawnstar in Legion of Super-Heroes


Matthew Erick White

Known For:

The Blind

The Young and the Restless


Farah Bsieso

Known For:

Halawet Elrouh


Nick Court

Known For:
Star Wars: The Acolyte

The Last Ship


Ami Foster-deFries

Known For:
Punky Brewster

Troop Beverly Hills

Alex Long

Known For:
Dhar Mann

Young Sheldon


Maya Thompson

Known For:
Sense & Sensibility

Where You Want Me


Jonathan Tysor

Known For:
A Doggone Adventure

Nessie & Me

Known For:

Voice of Dawnstar in Legion of Super-Heroes

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